About - Gallery by the Sea Carmel

About Michael

Michael Lynberg and his wife Elizabeth own Gallery-by-the-Sea Carmel, one of the area’s most popular art galleries and a “Top Things to Do” as rated by reviewers on TripAdvisor.

Michael is an acclaimed landscape and seascape photographer who uses some of the same tools and post-production techniques as matte painters and concept artists at today's movie studios. His dramatic and impressionistic works of art are collected by art lovers around the world.

Michael's newest collection, called Rhythm & Hues, showcases new frontiers in photo-impressionism and abstract photography. To create these works of art, Michael “paints” with his camera by capturing luminous and alluring scenes in subtle and rhythmic ways.

The result: captivating works of art that will add to the beauty and inspiration of any home or office.

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